1. What is the KMO-portefeuille?

The Flemish government stimulates self-employed people and SMEs to enrich their enterprise by following training and obtaining advice.

The KMO-portefeuille can be used for this.

Through the KMO-portefeuille, entrepreneurs can enjoy an annual subsidy of up to 7500 euros.

To be eligible for this support measure, 2 conditions must be met:

  1. have a company number
  2. working together with a recognised service provider

2. What is a recognised service provider?

In order to become an approved service provider, a company has to comply with the guidelines, which are included in the KMOP standard.

During a company audit, all guidelines are tested to make sure that the service provider can be a reliable and qualitative partner to boost your business.

3. Digital Leap as a recognised service provider for functional analysis.

During the functional analysis, we take the time to look at and fully analyze your next digital project. We look at where you want to go with your project and what steps are needed to get there. We do this by putting you through your paces in several sessions. Eventually this will result in a functional analysis that we will discuss with you at the end of the project.

This document can be used later to develop your own project or to approach other developers in order to make your project a success.

4. Cancellation policy

If you wish to cancel your analysis, please refer to our general terms and conditions which can be consulted in the quoteyou received.

You can find more information on the request procedure and conditions by clicking here.

If there are any further questions, you can always contact us for further clari cation!

Our registration number for analysis: DV.A245005