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We are a full service collaborative digital agency. That’s quite a mouthful to explain that we manage digital innovation projects from the very beginning until the very end.


Before we take a digital leap together, it’s important we get to know each other. We want to get in your head and under your skin. We need to understand your business, your way of working, your company culture. We need to understand your goals. We want to see where you are heading at to find ways to get you there faster.


When (digital) projects fail, it’s often due to opposite expectations. That’s why we define not just the final objective of our collaboration, but also the road to that destination. When the scope is clear, we reach out to our ecosystem and we set up a team of talented experts. The Digital Leap headquarters is the central hub.

Design Sprint

The design sprint is an essential part of our way of working. We don’t want to have you waiting for months, wondering ‘what the hell are these guys doing?’ Design sprints are a very effective instrument to validate concepts and prototypes, so we can accelerate the development of your digital applications.


When you greenlight the concept or the prototype and we are sure we are heading in the right direction we can develop your new digital product. With all the right features and functionalities, a smooth user experience and measurable KPI’s to keep track of the results of your digital innovation.


In a lot of digital projects implementation is not getting the attention it deserves. We make sure the launch of your brand new digital application hits bull’s eye. Front end and back end. User friendliness and flawless processes under the hood go hand in hand.


We don’t just tick the box. We don’t grab the money and run. Software is never ‘finished’. Your users will keep on shaping your digital application. We remain available for tweaks, updates and guidance. We strongly believe in long term relationships.

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