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Helping iBeauty on design, development, advice, strategy, marketing ...

A software company that develops software for beauty salons and spas. An interesting audience to work for since these people most of the time are not at all technology-minded. iBeauty has been with us from day one and never left our side, just like we didn't leave theirs. We support the team of iBeauty with everything they need. Design, development, strategic advice, marketing, ...

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A full redesign of the Bloovi website and a new design for their event website

Bloovi contacted us in 2021 to design a new banner for one of their pages and new navigation for their current site. They had a brand new logo and style guide and wanted to do some small changes. We started working on this project and after the first round of feedback got the question to design the complete website instead of just a small bit.

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Doing strategy, marketing, application development and design for Juumo and their team

A few years ago Juumo stormed the market with their application to manage rental properties. Together we did do market research, worked on strategy and marketing and helped their team to grow the application with development and design.

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Completely digitized The Harbour's process to support their next step in growth

The Harbour, a sister company of WinWinner reached out to us because they had trouble scaling their internal process. When we heard the story of their current working method we knew we could improve this big time. We build a prototype that evolved into a fully functional application. Everything is fully digital and the CRM build is used to perfectly follow up every single lead and project.

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Yucopia needed help for their app and has gotten a partner in crime meanwhile

The team of Yucopia actually has a bunch of designers and developers themselves but still, they came to us for advice. They wanted to scale big time but lacked the knowledge about how to do so. We did a complete analysis of their current setup, took on the CTO role for a few months, and did a complete rebuild of their entire application from scratch to make it future-proof.

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